Image of Maid of Dishonor (Harlequin KISS\The Wedding Season)


Image of Maid of Dishonor (Harlequin KISS\The Wedding Season)

MAID OF DISHONOR (4) by Heidi Rice: Seducing her best friend’s “saintly” older brother prior his wedding was not one of Gina Carrington’s better moments, but there’s no denying that the mind-blowing night she spent in his arms made her feel special instead of shallow. Ten years later, Gina latches onto an opportunity to apologize for her behavior and hopes to in the process mend bridges with her friend. But CEO Carter Price doesn’t want her apology, he wants Gina. The role reversal of the initially virginal hero and sexually experienced heroine works in this passionate story. As the author stealthily uncovers the vulnerable side hiding behind her heroine’s tough-girl façade, readers will fall in love with the characters.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan