A blue-blood boy falls for a girl from the wrong side of the tracks in the first of Force’s series. Mac is a charming man, but his overtures to help beautiful and bitter Maddie Chester cross the line from sweet into selfish. Maddie is an angry woman, and while she’s had a difficult life, her chronic complaints aren’t swoon-inducing — they’re sad. This opposites-attract pair make it work, though, despite cluelessness on both their parts. More interesting are secondary characters like Mac’s little sister and his oldest friend Joe Cantrell, who will be the focus of the series’ second book.

Maddie Chester has wanted to escape the rumors that have followed her around Gansett Island her whole life. That means saving enough money from her housekeeping gig at McCarthy’s Resort Hotel to fund her and her young son’s escape from the tiny Atlantic town. But when Gansett’s golden boy Mac McCarthy knocks her off her bike, injuring her, her plans are in jeopardy. Mac has grudgingly returned to the island to help with the sale of his family’s hotel. Less than five minutes off the ferry, Mac runs into Maddie. He quickly swoops in to help care for her and her son while her injuries heal. But as he and Maddie set the island talking as they play house, Mac realizes this might be more than a temporary stay. (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky