There have been numerous movies and dozens of books based on the legendary Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Here Watson shows the world of Sherwood Forest from the woman's point of view.

As a child Marian Fitzwater was betrothed to Hugh, who died young. The manipulative Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine moves to betroth her to Hugh's boorish brother, Stephen. But savvy Marian finds a way to escape this fate by allowing herself to be kidnapped by the men of Sherwood Forest. Robin is enchanted with his feisty captive, who readily joins the band.

Though there is nothing new in Watson's tale, readers can still thrill to the love between Robin and Marian and the adventures of his men, as well as delight in the historical backdrop where evil King John raises taxes on the poor, noble King Richard the Lionhearted is off fighting the Saracens, the queen manipulates everyone and everything around her and good triumphs over evil. (Apr., 350 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin