Charlotte LaRue, the 59-year-old owner of the cleaning service Maid For A Day, finds herself caught up in the lives of her clientele, most of whom reside in New Orleans' fashionable Garden District. When Jackson Dubuisson is murdered, Charlotte is saddened for she is fond of the Dubuisson family, especially Jackson's wife, Jeanne.

Her daily contact with the family brings her smack into the murder investigation that is being headed by her niece Judith and handsome older cop Louis Thibodeaux. Lou would like Charlotte to butt out but she can't help hearing clues and hints about the case.

She learns that some years earlier Jeanne's father had also been murdered, and that Jeanne was keeping a dark secret about her own past. The knowledge that Charlotte gleans puts her into danger-not only from the killer but from Lou Thibodeaux, who is rapidly becoming exasperated with what he sees as Charlotte's interference!

A middle-aged romance, a deftly plotted mystery and beguiling characters make MAID FOR MURDER a joy to read. Feisty yet vulnerable, Charlotte is an appealing character and readers will want to see more of her and Lou Thibodeaux! (Feb., 272 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg