On a mission in Normandy to find his brother, the Dragonslayer, Ranulf is attacked and left for dead near the Abbey of St. Gabriel. He is brought to the monks and cared for by the only woman in the abbey, Bridget.

Raised by the monks, Bridget knows nothing of her heritage or the outside world. Ranulf is her first glimpse of a knight and he arouses her curiosity about her past, as well as life outside the abbey walls.

Ranulf thinks Bridget is an angel and almost believes the monks who tell him he has seen her only in fevered dreams, until he is well enough to walk about and catches an angel in the flesh.

Ranulf has no idea that his arrival has brought danger to both the abbey and Bridget. The monks have many secrets, among them their ability to forge an almost magical metal that can be turned into powerful weapons.

When others discover Ranulfs presence, they are intent upon getting rid of him before he finds out they have captured his brother and discovers how they are using the monks secret to their own advantage.

Love and danger merge in this well-done medieval talea sheltered heroine, a romance that is set almost entirely in a monastery, a delightful cast of secondary characters, the scientific aspects of the monks work and the intriguing mystery surrounding Bridgets heritage add dimension and make this a different medieval romance. Ana Seymours fans will truly relish this lively love story. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin