In a story rife with the intrigues, deceptions and treachery of the War of the Roses, Isolde Martyn brings us real historical personages who played a vital role in the struggle for Englands throne.

Margery, King Edward IVs mistress and the Earl of Warwicks ward, is caught between her guardian, the Kingmaker, and the king as they battle for control of the country. Abducted by Richard Huddleson, known as the Kings Reiver, Margery is brought to Edward, who desires her to carry letters to Warwick and his brothers.

For six years, Richard has held his desire for Margery in check and now he seizes the opportunity to possess her. Richard is at the Kings bidding, but he has a plan of his own: treachery, deceit and his own preservation.

From France to England and back again, Margerys spying and her ever-blossoming passion for Richard ensnare them in a warren of intrigue.

In the tradition of Anya Seton, Sharon Kay Penman, and Ciji Ware, Isolde Martyn has penned a story combining historical detail and romance. She captures the natural bawdiness, cruelty, beauty, treachery and majesty of the 15th century as she draws the reader into the lives of those who would fight to the death for the crown. SENSUAL (Sep., 450 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin