Linnea de Valcourt of Maidenstone Castle, known as the cursed of the twin sisters, bears the brunt of the anger and hostility of her family. Her devotion to her sweet, loving sister, Beatrix, knows no bounds. Thus when the castle falls into the conqueror's hands, Linnea, masquerading as Beatrix, offers herself as bride to the fierce and feared Axton de la Manse.

Axton has lived for the day he would reclaim Maidenstone and now, after years in exile, he has returned home to fulfill his dream. It is an added dividend to know that he can possess the castle and his enemy's daughter. But all too soon it is the brave and bold Linnea who conquers Axton's heart.

Having known harshness all her life, Linnea does not fear Axton's temper. She is the one woman to match him word for word and Axton comes to respect, desire and love his bride. Still, Linnea's family and Axton's enemies have joined forces to throw out the usurper and to reveal Linnea's charade.

Linnea and Axton use their wits to save their love and honor in a masterfully told story by skillful and inventive author Rexanne Becnel. She has imbued her medieval romance with just the right amount of drama and sweet poignancy to capture a reader's heart and mind. SENSUAL (Sept., 326 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin