Image of Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights (Samhain))


Image of Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights (Samhain))

D’Arc wows again with her worldbuilding abilities. The setting and characters are magical. Readers will delight in the fantasy she has crafted. The characters are strong and very sexy. With some extra-special kinks, including ménage and voyeurism, this book is hot. Readers will be transported into a new and exciting world, and this first in the series sets the bar high for the follow-ups.

When a dragon steals the deer she has just shot, Belora chases him down to claim her stag. The dragon senses that there is more to the human than meets the eye. She can talk with him for one. The dragon instinctively introduces her to his human knight and partner, Gareth, who takes one look at Belora and knows he has found his mate. But to mate she must accept Gareth, his dragon, the dragon’s mate and the dragon’s mate’s knight, Lars, too. Accepting dragons is the easy part when confronted with two virile knights. Can they become a family, or is it too much for Belora to handle? (SAMHAIN, Sep., 208 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak