Image of Maiden Flights


Image of Maiden Flights

Carter's two-novella collection features classic fairy-tale women who start out as virgins, but soon find unadulterated passion with their respective mates. The idea behind the first story featuring Rapunzel is unique, but the erotic sex scenes quickly become stale. Additionally, the vampiric aspect is too familiar and leaves no surprises — readers will have no problem guessing what happens next. However, this book is wholly redeemed with the second story about a dragon who kidnaps a human woman for mating purposes to multiply the dragon race. Rowena's first-ever erotic encounter is immensely sensual, and the story's plot is utterly enchanting. All in all, these novellas make for a rewarding and satisfying reading experience.

Rapunzel has spent years languishing in her castle as a prisoner, away from men who could taint her magical virgin blood. Her only visitor is Mother Selene, a witch who uses Rapunzel's sacred blood to keep her powers alive and thriving. One night, the smell of Rapunzel's virgin blood summons Alaric, a sexy and alluring creature of the night intent on seducing the innocent and lovely virgin woman. Rapunzel and Alaric work together to help Rapunzel escape the castle, even if it means becoming Alaric's nighttime playmate forever. In another time and place, a young woman named Rowena is being sacrificed as a virgin offering to an evil dragon named Virid. Upon being taken to Virid's lair, Virid transforms into a seductive man who seduces Rowena, much to her satisfaction. With the goal of making a dragon-child together, Virid and Rowena repeatedly succumb to their desires, but Rowena is torn between escaping, or staying forever. (Ellora's Cave, Sept., 194 pp., $10.99)

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Sarah Eisenbraun