As the legendary Maiden of Inverness, Meridene is to pass the sword of Scotland to her future husband, the man who is destined to unite the clans. But her father has been driven back by English King Edwards forces and now Meridene is his pawn.

Seeking to destroy the legend of the Maiden, Edward forces eight year old Meridene to marry the butchers son, Revas MacDuff. Young Revas accepts his fate, vowing to uphold the Maidens honor.

For thirteen years Meridene lives in England, learning to hate all things Scottish, especially her father, who tried to poison her before her wedding. Revas has never forgotten his pledge and must reclaim his wife to save Scotland.

Meridene refuses to accept Revas or her destiny as the Maiden. Revas knows that without her, the clans are doomed. He must win Meridenes heart and trust before Scotland can be free. Revas sweet wooing gradually convinces Meridene of his desire for her and she begins to understand his need to help the Highlanders. Still, there are many treacherous games afoot and only if Meridene has enough faith in Revas and a new love for her homeland can she hope to fulfill her destiny.

With depth of emotion, unforgettable characters and the love of the Highlands that have made Arnette Lambs romances keepers comes this utterly enthralling, captivating tale of a love that defies all odds. In the MAIDEN OF INVERNESS Ms. Lamb has crafted one of her greatest heroines, a symbol of Scotlands pride and the man whose dreams and beliefs in his love and his country make him a hero to envy. Here is a real treasure! SENSUAL (Mar., 337 pp., 5.99)

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