Image of The Maiden of Ireland


Image of The Maiden of Ireland

The beauty, mystery, history and myths of Ireland are woven into a wondrous tapestry as Wiggs creates an unforgettable romance. Her tale has the glimmer of magic and the stuff of legends, and readers familiar with Irish history will glory in the storytelling while those new to the Emerald Isle are sure to be fascinated — drawn in by the strong characters, powerful and intricate plot and the dramatic historical backdrop.

John Wesley Hawkins narrowly escapes dying as a heretic when Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell intervenes. In exchange for his life and that of his daughter, Wesley is to unmask the leader of the Fianna, the Irish resistance. One day, Caitlin MacBride wishes for true love. In the last glow of sunset, she spies a man walking on the beach below her home, Clonmuir. Wesley will lie, steal, cheat and seduce to get the information he needs. He never expects to fall for his quarry. Will Wesley and Caitlin risk everything for love? (MIRA, Sep., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin