The day Gwynne and Aidan de Brice pledge their troth, she is abducted by Welsh rebels who believe she is The Dark Legend who will lead them to freedom.

Gwynne trains to become a warrior who thinks of nothing but her destiny. She barely remembers Aidan when they come face to face during a raid years later.

Aidan is stunned to learn The Dark Legend is Gwynne. He must break their old betrothal before he can marry again, and to do so, must convince Gwynne to travel to England. Gwynne agrees in order to spy on Aidan and his people.

Though her loyalties lie with the Welsh rebels who raised her, Gwynne recalls the love she and Aidan once shared. He, also, yearns to rekindle their desire.

Their personal conflict is played out against the backdrop of the Welsh fight for independence, and as their memories of love are aroused, unknown enemies plot their destruction. As ancient secrets are revealed, Gwynne seeks to use her power as The Dark Legend to heal the wounds that are tearing her world apart.

Fast paced, adventurous and exciting, THE MAIDEN WARRIOR is a strong tale that draws readers into the political conflict as well as the romantic one. Ms. McCall juxtaposes the horrors of war with the need for the healing power of love, much to this reader's satisfaction. SENSUAL (Jun., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin