Image of The Maid's Daughter (Men of Wolff Mountain)


Image of The Maid's Daughter (Men of Wolff Mountain)
THE MAID’S DAUGHTER (4) by Janice Maynard: When industrialist Devlyn Wolff nearly runs her off the road, schoolteacher Gillian Carlyle is swept off her feet — literally — by the oversized man. Devlyn doesn’t know why he can’t let the feisty woman go, but he promptly offers her a job consulting on the new school his family is building. Gillian leaps at the opportunity, and at the chance to explore the healthy case of lust the two have developed. But Devlyn’s childhood has left deep scars he has no intention of inflicting on anyone. Readers will cheer as a strong woman once again silences the painful echoes of the past in this delightful Wolff family installment.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper