Take one desperate heroine, one bad boy hero, a case of mistaken identity, a marriage of convenience and you have one heck of a wonderful western romance.

Beautiful teacher Melissa Grayson's problem is that all the men in Silver Wind fight over her. After a shooting, the sheriff gives her an ultimatum: marry or go to jail. So, Melissa proposes to James Harold Pickney, her pen pal in New York. The sickly scholar accepts and is on his way when he takes ill. Gambler and hell raiser Lucky Lawrence has to leave Texas in a hurry. He arrives in Silver Wind, where he is mistaken for James.

Though handsome, virile Lucky is nothing like the husband and teaching partner she expected, Melissa marries him. Lucky can't believe his luck at marrying the most stunning woman he has ever seen.

It isn't long before Melissa realizes Lucky is not James, but she cannot give up the charade without loosing everything she's worked for or losing a man who makes her wish he were more than a husband in name only.

What happens as these two unlikely characters fall in love? How will they handle the arrival of both James and Lucky's old enemy to town? Few authors can beat Sandra Chastain for writing funny, sexy, fast-paced and memorable western romances. SENSUAL (Jul., 330 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin