Image of Majesty, Mistress...Missing Heir


Image of Majesty, Mistress...Missing Heir
MAJESTY, MISTRESS … MISSING HEIR (3) by Caitlin Crews: The last person Jessa Heath expects to find in her office is King Tariq Bin Khaled Al-Nut, who awakened her passion and abandoned her five years earlier without explanation. But he’s here, and Jessa is determined he not know that she bore his son and then gave the child up for adoption. Tariq wants one more night with Jessa so he can get her out of his system, marry and produce heirs. Tariq believes he is the last of his royal line until Jessa finally tells him about their son. The pain of her confession threatens to tear them apart. This one will certainly break any parent’s heart, and the end is as happy as any could wish, but the characters spend much more time thinking than they do acting or even talking. Some of the thinking makes for dull reading after a while.
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Rhomylly Forbes