Lady Sophias promise to a dying soldier leads to mayhem in this delightful novel.

Sophia has seen enough of death in the military hospital to last a lifetime, and when the young major she has been caring for is given no hope of survival, she leaves everything and heads for freedom in the country.

The only thing that kept Major Anthony Wyclyff from giving in to death was Sophias promise to marry him. When he recovers from his injuries he searches for his betrothed to win her as his wife.

Sophia only told the Major shed marry him as a gesture of kindness. Now she has to find a way to dissuade him from that vow.

With the pace, aura and tone of the short Regency romance, MAJOR WYCLYFFS CAMPAIGN is a splendid, witty semi-romp, complete with a few eccentric characters and highly amusing antics as Sophie and the Major attempt to outwit one another. SENSUAL (Oct., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin