Image of The Major's Wife (Harlequin Historical)


Image of The Major's Wife (Harlequin Historical)

With realism and romance, Robinson brings the atmosphere of fort life to western fans. This story will strike a chord with readers who enjoy the twists that take place within a love triangle and the complex dynamics between siblings. As always, Robinson creates a good and solid, albeit unsurprising, tale.

Millie St. Clair is about to play the role of her life: that of her sister, Rosemary, in an attempt to “fool” Rosemary’s estranged husband, Army Major Seth Parker. The minute his “wife” arrives, Seth knows it’s Millie. But why is his innocent, kind sister-in-law posing as his selfish wife? He’s curious to uncover the truth, and Millie can’t hide her true self or her growing feelings for him. As Millie adapts to life at Fort Sill, Seth begins falling in love with her. Then, a mission takes them to Washington, where they will have to confront the consequences of their love. (HARLEQUIN, Feb., 280 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin