Image of Make-Believe Wife


Image of Make-Believe Wife

Historical romance fans will be delighted by this sensational tale of an honorable rake and an actress who is sweet, innocent and principled. Anne Herries has crafted an engrossing and fascinating story that will keep readers riveted from the first page.

After he is thrown off of his horse on the road to London, Viscount Luke Clarendon opens his eyes to a beautiful girl peering down at him. The helpful stranger, actress Roxanne Peters, is on her way to London to find work. She immediately gains Luke's thanks for her help, and just as quickly earns his respect when she saves him from being robbed. Hoping to pay her back, Luke offers Roxanne a business agreement. He asks her to take on the role of his fake fiancée to appease his grandfather's demands to settle down. After they get along so well while they are in London, Roxanne and Luke decide to turn their fake engagement into the real thing. But Roxanne is unsure about her decision after a secret from her past comes back to haunt her. Unscrupulous men are hunting Roxanne down and while she knows Luke will come to her aid, she is hesitant to involve him into her dangerous problems. (HARLEQUIN, Oct. 2011, dl. $5.99)

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Nas Dean