Meg has nearly succumbed to the dark side of madness too many times. Now her friend Deb is helping her take control of her life. She drops Meg off at the mall for the day. Meg stands at a dress shop window looking at the most beautiful dress shes ever seen when a deep, sensual voice whispers in her ear. He tells her to try the dress on.

She does and the man talks her into taking the most sensual trip through the mall shes ever had. She finally learns the mans name is Daniel and that he seems to know everything about her. But how? Will he finally be the one to lead her back into the light where she can live again?

Hills talented prose and descriptions brings scenes to vivid life. After reading this provocative and sensual story, Ill never look at a trip to the mall in the same way! (dl $3.00, dk $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell