Peopled with charming characters and containing a fascinating, almost believable, paranormal element, Holquist's novel is pure entertainment from beginning to end. The interaction between the sisters is genuinely depicted, and the relationship developments are a joy to observe. Vivid character descriptions bring them to life, and the author presents a true sense of place.

Cecelia's sister, Amy, who has the power to hear the name of anyone's true love, shows up at her sister's engagement party to tell Cecelia her true love needs her -- and it's not her fiance. But Cecelia doesn't want to find her true love; she's seen those who have, and it was dangerous and destructive.

Nevertheless, Amy has her own scheme, and she's determined that Cecelia will meet him. This is how Cecelia becomes involved with Finn, his daughter Maya and a life of cons and lies she thought she'd left behind her 10 years ago. (Warner Forever, Sep., 368 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley