MAKE ME YOURS (4.5) by Betina Krahn: Krahn's historical is an utterly charming treat. Brimming with humor and sensuality, it has a heroine to admire and love and a meltingly desirable hero. English widow Mariah Eller runs an inn in 1887. When the rowdy behavior of some drunken nobles threatens havoc, Mariah cleverly outwits them, even though one is Bertie, the Prince of Wales. Bertie wants her as a royal mistress, which means she must be married. Mariah uses her intelligence and wit to get the man she wants, the prince's friend Jack. But can he risk standing up to his family and the prince by claiming Bertie's potential mistress? The dialogue between Mariah and Jack is priceless. Nothing could be better about this book. It's a keeper.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor