Image of Make Mine a Bad Boy (Deep in the Heart of Texas)


Image of Make Mine a Bad Boy (Deep in the Heart of Texas)

This second in Lane’s Deep in the Heart of Texas series is a delightful continuation of Going Cowboy Crazy with this one focusing on the wild child twin. There’s plenty of humor to entertain the reader and the people of the town will seem like old friends by the end of this entertaining story.

Returning home after sowing her wild oats for five years, Hope Scroggs plans to pick up where she left off with the man she left behind. But Hope gets quite a shock when she finds him planning to marry the twin sister she didn’t know she had. Adding to her pain and disappointment, another man from her past, Colt Lomax, is back in Bramble. Though he was only planning to spend one night in town, his sister, who also happens to be Hope’s best friend, fixes it so he’ll have to stay a few days longer. Those days give Colt and Hope time to stir up a heap of trouble and share a few secrets with each other. One secret in particular is destined to change their lives and the lives of almost everyone in town. (FOREVER, Jun., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley