Thirty-year-old vineyard heiress Taylor Travini heads to Chile when she learns of her twin brother's disappearance. She's greeted by danger that even her karate black belt can't help her battle. The only person who doesn't seem suspicious of her or interested in seeing her dead is former U.S. Army Ranger Rafe Maguire.

Rafe has a past strewn with painful regrets, and he now makes his living abroad as a mercenary military trainer. His interest in keeping Taylor alive, however, is anything but materialistic. Rafe's protective instincts kick in from the moment they meet and, together, they work to unravel the puzzle of what happened to Taylor's brother.

While a strong, independent heroine is initially appealing, Maclay takes the idea too far. For several chapters, Taylor is stubbornly unwilling to take precautions in the face of clear danger, a trait that makes her seem unwise instead of courageous. The plot is action-packed, which is ideal for readers who love a nonstop chase, but it's exhausting for those who do not. The sexual chemistry between the leads is palpable, however, and Maclay's storytelling style is delightfully smooth. (Jun., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel