When Maggie Costello's younger brother is killed, she's grief stricken. She talks things over with Jack Murphy, a priest at the school her brother attended, and begins to realize that she knows too many people who have died unnaturally in the past few months. In addition, there are a lot of gruesome similarities among the deaths.

Maggie, with Jack's help, realizes there's a serial killer on the loose, one who is collecting horrific souvenirs. The two of them launch their own investigation and they're an excellent close team, perhaps too close. They soon come to the horrible realization that the killer is someone close at hand, someone they know, who wouldn't mind making Maggie his next victim.

As addictive as a bowl of potato chips, MAKE THEM CRY is a fun read, a melodramatic page-turner that will keep you guessing. O'Brien is a master at keeping the pot boiling and once started, this tale isimpossible to put down. (May, 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg