There is a serious problem with the heroine of this novel. Lani, like all new mothers, is insecure. What is difficult to forgive, and mars an otherwise fine love story, is that Lani also exhibits true incompetence and thoughtlessness. If it weren't for Nick, it seems that Lani and her children would not survive.

Nick Hunter travels to his remote cabin in the Adirondacks to privately grieve over the loss of his wife and children. A woman and two baby girls are the last thing he expects to find in his shelter.

Lani Cabot is a new mother of adopted twin girls; she is terrified that shes not up to the task. Shes on her way to visit her own mother for Christmas and only planned to stay in the deserted cabin for a night.

Things do not go as planned for either Nick or Lani. The weather turns bad, forcing their one night together to stretch into weeks. Two happy infants and one gorgeous woman in his house are almost more than he can bear. The longer Lani stays under the same roof with Nick, the more she comes to depend upon a partnership both know cannot last.

(Dec., 163 pp., dl $3.00, dk $4.00)

Reviewed by: 
Christine Chambers