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Dane takes the age-old tale of love between a high-society guy and a girl from the wrong side of the tracks and makes it new again in this delightful page-turner. Readers will not only hope for love between Tate and Matt, but the secondary characters are so well done that their stories evoke strong emotions as well. Dane is a true storyteller, and this delightful read is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Tate Murphy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, with an abusive alcoholic father and a mother who constantly left home to drink and have affairs. Now curvaceous Tate is a successful businesswoman who's helped her siblings become responsible adults. Attracted to handsome firefighter Matt Chase, she finds herself face to face with him when he comes into her shop.

The feeling is mutual, but the past makes Matt's dream of marrying Tate impossible. But with the help of Tate's siblings and his own family, Matt sets out to convince her that they can have a happily ever after. When Tate's father shows up, however, happily ever after could be a pipe dream. (SamhainPublishing.com, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler