Image of The Making of a Duchess (Sons of the Revolution)


Image of The Making of a Duchess (Sons of the Revolution)

Galen’s trilogy, the stories of lost brothers, begins with a fast-paced, action-packed, cat-and-mouse spy thriller that will leave you breathless. Her engaging characters and strong plotline enhance the spirited dialogue and sense of adventure.

Years after fleeing their burning château, Duc de Valère, Julien Harcourt’s search for his lost brothers brings him to the attention of the Crown. His frequent trips to France, at a time when it is rumored the exiled Napoleon is raising an army, make him a suspected traitor.

Governess Sarah Smith is thrust into the position of secret operative. The quiet, unadventurous young woman must get close to the duke and uncover the truth. Posing as an Italian beauty, she is introduced to Julien by his mother as a possible bride. Julien knows he must wed — why not this girl? But there is something about her that arouses him, yet makes him wary. As Sarah delves into Julien’s life she is drawn into his arms, but when she uncovers the truth and reveals her identity the true danger begins. Sarah makes Julien’s search her own as their new love is tested repeatedly. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jun., 354 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin