The second installment of the Sons of the Revolution trilogy showcases Galen’s talents for emotionally powerful romances that enchant readers. Though the theme of civilizing a “savage” is as old as Tarzan, Galen gives her story wonderful twists and marvelous characterization that make it a standout.

Separated during the Reign of Terror, Julian Harcourt has finally found his brother, Armand, Comte de Valere, and brought him to England. Years of imprisonment caused Armand to lose the ability to speak or interact with others. Felicity Bennett is desperate for a position and once she meets Armand she desires to bring him out of the darkness. He may frighten her, but she sees the man he can be whenever she plays the pianoforte. Music soothes Armand and he begins to remember the happy days of his childhood and starts to speak again. But there is a dark side to his recovery as long-buried secrets threaten the growing love between teacher and student. (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 364 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin