Image of Making Him Sweat


Image of Making Him Sweat
MAKING HIM SWEAT (4.5) by Meg Maguire: Jenna Wilinski inherited a building in Boston’s Chinatown from her late, estranged father, and she intends to start a new business — a branch of a franchised matchmaking service. But a stipulation of the will requires that she keep the boxing/MMA gym that her father ran open for at least four months. When she moves into the building’s and the apartment adjoining that of Mercer Rowley, the gym manager, who was like a son to her father, unexpected sparks turn into a full-fledged fire. But her new business venture may force the closing of Mercer’s gym. Maguire succeeds in socking us with a sterling combo of love, loyalty, family, sweat and tears.
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson