For Amanda Connor, success is riding on her Life Coach Lotto contest launching her business, Aspirations, Inc. She has convinced Channel 6 Lifestyle producer Evan Krantz to cover her contest and follow her progress for thirty days as she gives one wayward winner the makeover of a lifetime.

However, when gritty Mike Cavaco walks into the TV station to return the Life Coach Lotto tickets he found in the back of a cab, both are horrified. She has no one else willing to participate, but she doesnt know if she can succeed with him. Hes already lost his real job due to an April Fools prank and has no intention on letting this woman meddle in his life with her crazy scheme, but somehow finds himself unable to say no.

Of course Mike has no idea what he is getting into, as Amanda takes charge and starts to reorganize his life.

MAKING OVER MIKE is both fun and lighthearted. Watch for more from this author. (Jun., 355 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith