Readers seeking wildly exciting escapades, nonstop action, rapier-sharp repartee and a heated romance need look no further than the last in the Brothers of the Revolution trilogy. Galen pulls out all the stops, striking a balance between romance and adventure that will leave readers breathless and highly satisfied.

British admiral’s daughter Raeven Russell is determined to avenge her fiancé’s death by bringing a ruthless privateer to justice at the end of her sword. Bastien, Marquis de Valère, lost everything in the aftermath of the French Revolution. With his letter of marque he roams the seas hunting for the man who killed his mentor. When a lad challenges him to a duel he laughs off the dare and exposes Raeven; taking her on board as his captive “cabin girl” and then setting her free. But they meet again and this time battles with swords become skirmishes with words as Bastien and Raeven fight their way across the sea. Slowly Raeven comes to grudgingly respect Bastien and he enjoys her high spirits and admires her courage. Fighting together to save his ship and their lives against Bastien’s enemy and with her father and the British navy in pursuit, falling in love is a risk they shouldn’t take, but one they can’t resist. The closer Bastien gets to attaining his revenge, the closer he comes to finding out about his family, and with Raeven’s faith and love he just might find redemption. (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 340 pp., $6.99)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This book was reviewed in the April 2011 issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS. However the publisher has pushed back the publication date to February 2012. Additionally, the publisher changed the title from The Making of a Rogue to The Rogue Priate's Bride.

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin