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Image of The Making of Us: A Novel


Image of The Making of Us: A Novel

Jewell’s latest is smart and witty, yet sad and extremely touching. Told from the viewpoints of Lydia, siblings Dean and Robyn and their biological father’s close friend Maggie, the book gives us a glimpse at the tumultuous lives of each major character as they come to terms with their new identities and blood relations. As their biological father and sperm donor Daniel lies dying, the siblings take advantage of the opportunity to forge new, lifelong bonds with one another. The novel is emotional and pleasant, but it will not linger in your mind after you finish it.

In 1979, a woman yearns to have a baby, but her younger husband is unable to impregnate her. Taking the modern route of artificial insemination, the woman is finally able to able to become pregnant, but keeps the paternity secret from her husband. Years later, lonely 29-year-old Lydia receives a mysterious letter in the mail that informs her she is one of four children fathered by a sperm donor. Seizing the opportunity to learn more about her siblings, Lydia searches for the other children so she can learn more about her biological background and, hopefully, bring her family closer together. (ATRIA, Aug., 416 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun