Mercenary Severin Brigante Harnoncourt has come to join forces with the Duke
of Burgundy. Severin hopes to prove his worth to his father's family
by securing the fortress of Mercier.

Alix Ducci Montaldo de Mercier, the young wife of the lord of the castle, loves
her husband but he gave his heart to his mistress. When her husband and his lover
are killed by invading forces, Alix vows to care for his illegitimate infant son
and to give him a descent burial.

She makes a pact with Severin: she'll teach him to read if he'll secure her the
right to bury her husband. But there is more to their relationship than lessons.

Now, surrounded by treachery, they will discover the great love they have dreamed
of. Yet their newfound happiness is threatened by secrets from Alix's family's
past and the power of the Maltese Star she wears on her neck-a powerful family
heirloom that ties Alix to the secret society of Templars.

Deborah Johns draws her readers into a lush historical era, shedding light on
times and places often ignored. By breathing fresh life into history, she gifts
readers with new understanding and a deep appreciation for the 16th century. Her
novels are like carefully woven tapestries, depicting the excitement, drama and
passion that is precisely why I read historical romance. Enrich yourself and
delve into this feast for the heart and mind! SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin