Get ready for a highly entertaining trip to the South Florida town of Himmarshee, where the conservative residents are shaken by the murder of a young librarian dressed in bondage. The newest Mace Bauer mystery delights as Mama, Mace and her sisters, Maddie and Marty, tackle the latest crime in town surrounding the country club set. Quick pacing, laugh-out-loud moments, and witty dialogue make this mystery an all-around good time for readers.

While searching the town’s dump for Mama’s wedding ring, Mace unearths something else sparkly: a diamond bracelet attached to a dead body. The victim dressed in bondage gear is the town’s librarian, Camilla Law. Mace soon discovers that some of the locals, including the mayor and his wife, are engaging in some very interesting sexual activities. Did these activities lead to Camilla’s death? Also, Mace’s sister believes her husband is cheating on her. Can Mace and Mama solve these problems before Mace gets killed or Mama gets trashed? (MIDNIGHT INK, Sep., 360 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin