Denise Domning's Seasons Quartet has garnered her the admiration and devotion of medieval romance readers and now she returns with A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, the stunning and boldest tale yet.

Johanna of Stanrudde has lived quietly in a convent, away from the cruel husband she despises, until the day he sends for her to return home. Unable to refuse, she travels through the countryside and into town, witnessing the starvation, restlessness and anger of the people, and is attacked upon arriving in Stanrudde.

Only after she is rescued by her childhood sweetheart, Robert, does Johanna begin to comprehend her husband Katel's ruthless scheme to discredit Robert and destroy her.

As a child, Robert was Johanna's dearest friend and as they grew older he become her first love. But as a bastard taken in and trained by her father and their dear friend Master Colin, Robert became the butt of Katel's fury and he tried to poison everyone against him.

As young adults Johanna discovers she is promised to Katel, though she has given her heart to Robert. But Robert's betrayal throws her into Katel's arms and a marriage she is resigned to having.

But as Katel plans his revenge, Johanna and Robert rekindle the love that once was theirs and would defy all, even face death to reclaim their love.

Simmering passion, a dynamic story, drama and desire all abound in Denise Domning's latest novel. She paints a vibrant, realistic and haunting picture of the 12th century and characters so real you feel you know their every thought and dream. Superb! SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin