Johanna Lindsey returns to the American West with a tangled love story featuring identical twins Amanda and Marian Larton. They may look alike, but Amanda is spoiled, temperamental and flaunts her beauty, while artistic, strong-willed Marian suppresses her beauty and desires behind glasses and drab clothing.

When their father dies, they learn that he has dictated that they must marry before they can inherit and are being sent to their Aunt Kathleen's ranch. Kathleen's handsome foreman, Chad, must escort the bickering sisters to the ranch. Although Chad is heir to his own ranch, he prefers hard work to his father's matchmaking schemes. He sees behind Marian's repressed facade and falls for her, but she cannot accept his love, fearing it is Amanda he truly wants. When a misunderstanding drives them apart, only a drastic move will bring them together.

Filled with emotional intensity and sexual tension, complicated by sibling rivalry and family relationships, this story's emotional depth will resonate with readers. Lindsey instinctively knows how to touch chords with readers while telling a story that is romantic, sometimes funny (the sisters' cat fights are entertaining) and poignant. SENSUAL (Jul., 350 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin