THE MAN EVERY WOMAN WANTS (3) by Miranda Lee: This contemporary romance starts out with promise, but it unfortunately lacks plot and the dialogue tends to be a bit staccato. The characters, however, are interesting and it is still an enjoyable read. Sports agent Ryan Armstrong is quite the ladies’ man, so it’s a surprise when he agrees to accompany his very unsexy lawyer to a party in honor of her unwell grandmother and pretend to be her Mr. Right. Laura Ferrugia was raised by her Gran since the tragic death of her parents and she knows all about domineering men, but for her Gran’s sake she’s going to pretend to be in love with arrogant, egotistical Ryan Arm-strong. They both have reasons not to trust each other, so even though their attraction toward each other surprises, they may not take the chance to see where it leads them.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt