Image of Man of Fantasy (Arabesque)


Image of Man of Fantasy (Arabesque)

Rounding out the Best Men series, Alers brings us Dr. Ivan Campbell, who's trying to escape the fate of his boyhood buddies. Ivan and Nayo's connection is instantaneous, and the finale of this trilogy is both eloquent and elegant.

Psychotherapist Ivan crosses the path of photographer Nayo Goddard when he visits her first exhibition and is entranced by the artist as well as the art. Ivan has a reluctance to commit, stemming from his fear of being abandoned. A terrible trauma from 30 years ago still haunts him. Until Nayo, he hasn't been inclined to share his life with anyone other than his tight circle of family and best friends. Nayo, on the other hand, is focused on making a name for herself professionally. Will their passion for each other be enough to send this third confirmed bachelor into the arms of his fantasy lover? (KIMANI/ARABESQUE, Jun., 294 pp., $6.99)
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Jacqui McGugins