Elizabeth (Beth) Pudding may be plain, but her brains and hard work have helped her rise in the hotel business. So what could she possibly want with the haunted Scottish castle she inherits?

Duncan MacDougall, laird of Blackstone, has been cursed for 600 years to wander in ghostly form as he waits for a woman to set him free. Could Beth be the one? As he slips a ring on her finger that sweeps them back in time, he prays that this third bride will be the charm.

Though a bit confused, Anglophile Beth easily makes the transition to the 14th century. Even though she doesn't speak French or understand everything, she's determined to take over the castle—after all, it's just like a large hotel. The new Duncan also intrigues her. As she begins falling in love, Beth must completely win his heart in order to save Blackstone for the future.

Humor abounds in this intriguing, sexy and sprightly time travel—along the lines of Sandra Hill's Viking books—that's just plain fun to read. A charming cast of perfectly portrayed characters, including a dark, sexy hero and spunky heroine, will certainly carry you through the mists of time. Blair will certainly brighten your day with her delightful debut. SENSUAL (Sep., 350 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin