Miss Parkinson of Sibel Hall has a problem: A spirit is scaring away prospective buyers. She needs infamous ghost hunter Christian Reade, Viscount Moreland.

Since Christian proved the ghost of Belle Corners nothing but a prankster's joke, he's pestered by every Tom, Dick and Jane to "perform his services." He only takes Miss Abigail Parkinson's invitation at his grandfather's behest.

He's surprised by the hostility that greets him at Sibel Hall—after all, they called him for help! Miss Parkinson's coldness and the servants' and family's antagonism are obstacles he must overcome if he's to roust the ghost.

Deborah Simmons presents a charming and pleasant Regency "Ghostbusters" with a little mystery twist and a sweet confection of a love story. Readers can sit back and enjoy this nice, light story. SENSUAL (Jun., 314 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin