Traveling to the U.S. to reunite family members, an Irish woman finds her frightening dreams becoming a reality when she tries to help a father locate a lost teenage daughter. Talented Patricia Rosemoor paints wonderful pictures with her words in SEE ME IN YOUR DREAMS (4.5) and thrills abound.

From the very first page, Jean Barrett thrusts readers into her adventure in MAN OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN (4). On the run from people who want her dead, a woman heads from Louisiana to Alaska to be a mail-order bride to a man with secrets of his own.

A co-pilot who had to land a failing plane is forced to reexamine the crash, in which five lives were lost, over and over with a handsome FAA executive whose wife, the pilot, died on the flight. As secrets unravel, the two fight feelings for each other. Cassie Miles weaves an intricate web sure to snare you in RULE BREAKER (4).

When her soon-to-be ex-husband is murdered, a woman turns to a psychiatrist for comfort. With the police thinking she's the most likely suspect, and the murderer stalking them, the two have nothing to hold on to but each other. In EDEN'S BABY (2), Adrianne Lee brings excitement and suspense, but doesn't give readers a good basis for the relationship.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson