Image of Man with the Muscle


Image of Man with the Muscle
MAN WITH THE MUSCLE (4.5) by Julie Miller: He may be the newest member of the SWAT team, but Kansas City cop Alex Taylor isn’t new to police life. He’s a second-generation member of a cop family and with all eyes watching, he must bodyguard a rich-girl prosecutor who may be the next victim in the ongoing Rich Girl Murders. Young, beautiful and working hard to make a name for herself away from her famous family, Audrey Kline is trying to put away a gang member for murdering a child at the same time that she’s dodging attempts on her life. The real question is who wants her dead more, a deranged serial killer or a group of gangbangers who will do anything for their leader. Bullets, headlines, serial killers and plenty of KCPD’s finest give this story plenty of muscle and an ending that will keep readers’ hearts racing for hours.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper