"WANTED: A MAN TO SLAY DRAGONS ... Write ZOE." From the moment FBI Agent Liam Jameson reads the cryptic ad in a mercenary magazine he knows it's a request for a hit man.

Manhattan attorney Claire Green is stunned and horrified when she discovers that the victim support group she founded in the memory of her her murdered twin sister Zoe has turned into a vigilante group. She is devastated to discover that  ZOE now holds a secret lottery -- if your name is drawn, your crime is selected for deadly vengeance -- and that her name was drawn in the lottery. So with Liam Jameson hot on her trail, Claire returns to New Orleans, the site of her beloved twin's murder. 

Fearing for Claire's safety, Liam suggests they work together to solve the five-year-old murder. Their red-hot attraction to one another complicates this already tangled case, but Liam swiftly deduces that Zoe fell victim to a serial killer who is still stalking the streets. 

As a matter of fact, J. Everard Laborder is already planning his next murder. If Liam and Claire succeed in uncovering him, can Liam protect claire from the legal consequences of ZOE's vigilante actions?

Author Megan McKinney has penned a stunning novel that grips you by the throat and never lets go. A MAN TO SLAY DRAGONS is a superb story that is both timely and vastly entertaining. ( Feb., 384 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith