Image of A Man Worth Loving


Image of A Man Worth Loving

A MAN WORTH LOVING (4) by Kimberly Van Meter: Left a widower when his wife died after giving birth to their son, Sammy Halvorsen finds it hard to even look at young Ian, a painful reminder of the woman he loved. But when his mother bullies him into hiring Aubrey Rose as a nanny, Aubrey helps him get over his hurt and be a good father. But in the midst of helping Sammy with his troubles, Aubrey must deal with a few of her own -- in the form of her mother and sister coming to visit after her wealthy father cuts them off and files for divorce. Van Meter's beautifully detailed story gets added depth thanks to a secondary plot involving Aubrey's family troubles. Aubrey and Sammy are complex and interesting characters.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay