In "Sacred Eden" (The Horde Wars), by King, Obsidian and Cody's visit to the surface of the world from their Shikar home below should be a routine shopping trip. But an attack by some exceptionally large and vicious Daemons changes things drastically.

When Bliss observes Cadan feeding off a woman and having sex with her, she is sure he's a vampire. But Cadan is much more, and in Leigh's "Knight Stalker" (Blood Ties), he wants Bliss to share in his lifestyle. Is she strong enough to?

Dot loves sex—a good thing for a sex-toy maker. When an accident sends her to a different world, Vaidd Zyon recognizes her as his Bloodmate. Dot is not so sure that's something she wants to be in "Devilish Dot" (Trek Mi Q'an) by Black.

Two of these stories are part of their author's ongoing separate series and will confuse readers who aren't familiar with the prequels. However, they are sexy and hot additions to their series. (dl $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley