This short story gives the reader an inside look at the BDSM lifestyle. For those interested in learning more about the pain/pleasure that a dominant can bring to their submissive, then this will be an enlightening read. However, readers not accustomed to BDSM stories may find Grant’s “ownership” of Allie demeaning.

In order to pay for college, Allison Fairfax worked at an exclusive strip club as a dancer known as Silver. She has since finished school and put that life behind her. Allie is starting as the newest employee at Synthos Systems Group as a production manger. While she is well qualified for her position, she is unprepared when she recognizes her new boss, Grant Edmonds, as a frequent visitor at the strip club. Allie is worried that he will not be able to look past her previous career and will fire her, but this is the last thing on Grant’s mind. As a dominant, Allie is everything he wants — she is an intelligent, sexy submissive just waiting to be sexually controlled. Grant wastes no time luring her into a relationship, but the arrangement leaves Allie unsatisfied. She feels neglected by her master and demands more from Grant — but will he be willing to satisfy her needs completely? (CARINA PRESS, Mar. 2011, dl, $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne