Image of The Mane Attraction


Image of The Mane Attraction

Laurenston's latest couple is unabash-edly sexual, which makes their
emotional battle of wills all the more enjoyable. Their candor and take-no-prisoners attitudes make the story worth reading, despite the fact that the plot is occasionally difficult to follow due to a large number of supporting characters who all have similar names.

The heat between shapeshifters Sissy and Mitch is undeniable, but the duo has decided that their friendship is more valuable than what they could have romantically -- until the bounty on Mitch's head forces the pair to hide in Sissy's hometown.

With nothing to distract them besides small-town living, it becomes impossible for Sissy and Mitch to fight their attraction. But when the pair finally set the sheets -- and most of the rest of the house -- on fire, they are faced with a whole new problem: Are these two alphas strong enough to attempt a future together? (BRAVA, Nov., 352 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan