Jeff Converse makes the mistake of his life when he helps an unconscious assault victim. Thought to be the attacker, he's arrested, convicted and sent to jail. He never arrives, though, for an "accident" sends him to the netherworld of tunnels that crisscross the underbelly of Manhattan.

Totally inescapable, the tunnels are also lethal, for they're the hunting grounds of the Manhattan Hunt Club—who hunt human quarry. As Jeff fights for his freedom, his father and fiancée search for him in the tunnels that even the police won't enter. It's a race against time to see who will prevail, the hunted or the Hunt Club.

John Saul comes up with no-holds-barred suspense in THE MANHATTAN HUNT CLUB. Although his trademark elements of supernatural horror are missing, fans won't be disappointed! (Jun., 284 pp., $7.99) Hardcover published August 2001.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg