Tired of her high-pressure life and her ticking biological clock, Alexandra Scott throws common sense into the wind and trades her New Jersey condo for a cabin and store in Alaska. Soon, Alex realizes that the seller was not exactly up front about the condition of the cabin or the store. But she's determined not to give up, so she and rottweiler Bruno attempt to move in.

Michael Casey can't believe his eyes when he sees his new neighbor. After a bad marriage, he is no longer interested in matrimony and, since Alex clearly is, obviously he knows he should stay far away. But Casey finds Alex funny, sexy and amusing, and he wants to have an affair. It quickly becomes a battle of wills, with Casey determined to not get romantically involved and Alex setting her sights on bagging Casey.

Revamped from an old Loveswept release, Evanovich's new version has more wacky characters and situations. And, as always with this author, laughter abounds. (Dec., 248 pp., $7.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith