In her riveting follow-up to The Givenchy Code, Kenner takes the reader on another wild ride in the saga of a deadly game. This time, aspiring Broadway star Jennifer Martin is thrust into the terrifying real-life game of survival.

To win and live, she must serve as bodyguard to sexy detective Devlin Brady, the target of the game, and go on a scavenger hunt around Manhattan, solving clues to stay alive. Winning the game will prove far more difficult than landing the lead in a Broadway show, Jennifer will have to summon every survival skill she has honed in the Big Apple.

This book has the perfect blend of suspense and romance. Kenner does an excellent job of engaging the reader immediately in both Jennifer's and Devlin's plight as well as the clues of the game. The setting of Manhattan and its theater district, along with the Broadway-based clues, is inspired and fun to play along with.

Additionally, Kenner manages to build the suspense without sacrificing the humor and romance that percolates between Jennifer and Devlin. The author's latest leaves the reader eager for a third installment in this series. (Feb., 357 pp. $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider